Posted By oomphhq on May 21st, 2013

myfoodbook : MyCollections app launches!

The Oomph team is proud to announce the launch of the myfoodbook: MyCollections app. We worked in collaboration with the myfoodbook team to take the recipes from their online website and compile these into rich interactive cookbooks on iPad. Combined with beautiful food imagery, the cookbooks include features like cooking mode with voice control, recipe timers and the ability to share and create personalised issues of favourite recipes.

This project also gave the Oomph Design Studio the opportunity to further develop our automated workflow process for content production. The technical minds of the development team and the creative minds of the design team came together to produce a great end product! Making use of templated design layouts for the books we used scripting to take the recipe content from the myfoodbook website and feed it into the design structure for the app. myfoodbook plans to launch a number of books over the coming year and therefore using this automated workflow will be a quick, efficient and cost effective way to produce multiple issues going forward. 

The first issue is a Mother’s Day Collaboration edition with featured recipes from Masterchefs Julie Goodwin and Alvin Chen. With the help of the Oomph Marketing team the app was also featured in the Food and Drinks section of app store yesterday with some great user reviews.

Watch out for upcoming issues including a Partner Book sponsored by Kikkoman, and the Desserts Lovers Collaboration Book. 

Post by Erica van Der Walt – Design Director Oomph.