Posted By oomphhq on October 11th, 2012

Oomph: Bringing Inside History to Life

Inside History’s iPad edition is packed with features that would be impossible to deliver in print.

Just one of these features is IH’s audio recordings of World War II Veteran experiences. These interviews capture the imagination, giving you a front row seat to the stories and personalities of those who fought for our freedom.

Editor Cassie Mercer explains the benefits of digital publishing to New Zealand Herald’s Mark Webster:  People are currently engaging with their history and their family in ways that haven’t been possible before. The digitisation of historical records and images represents a huge amount of data that people can tap into whereas two decades ago it was only available through an often distant and dusty card index. She believes the general interest in history has risen, and mentions popular TV shows like Downton Abbey and Mad Men: “Both are historical. It’s all about how you tell it and how you engage the audience.”

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