Posted By oomphhq on April 30th, 2012

Oomph User Group Launch

May 2012 Here at Oomph, we know and appreciate the hard work that goes into designing, developing and publishing digital content.  All of us at Oomph would like to help make that work a little easier by supporting the Oomph publishing community through a number of Oomph sponsored initiatives.  One of the first such initiatives is the launch of the Oomph User Group. This group is going to be lead by our Creative Technologist Tony Redhead here at OomphHQ. He is a hands on expert in the world of tablet design and is passionate about helping you all create amazing iPad applications. We want to hear from you – please fill in the survey at the bottom of this post.
What’s in it for you?
The aim of the Oomph User Group is to build a community of tablet designers and publishers, provide an environment where users can meet, on a regular basis, to participate in discussions, presentations about topics related to Oomph and digital publishing.
We feel the opportunity to take advantage of peer-to-peer learning opportunities will provide a general level of support that goes beyond forums and wiki’s and will both inspire those attending, help them in their work and help us create an even better product. How the Oomph User Group will operate:
We’ll be holding regular, agenda based meetings once a quarter in a convenient meeting location. The meetings will initially be held in Sydney CBD and, based upon the response to the initial meetings, possibly in other cities in the future.  At these meetups we’ll share inside info about new product develooments in the platform or company, invite one of the group to present their latest work or ideas, a presentation by an industry representative using Oomph, a tips and tricks session and Q&A to round out the evening. Can’t make the evening?
No worries, we’ll be taking notes and video that we’ll share with the wider group.
We’ll also be running User Group specific webinars to disseminate information about new products, features to released or other communications relevant to the group.For a broader general audience, information, including “how-to” video guides and “case studies”, will be published on a regular basis and I want to establish a regular monthly webinar. Each webinar will be recorded and access to those recordings provided via the website and forums. Moving forward we hope the user group will encourage discussion via the Oomph forums and that forum moderators will come from senior members of the group. Are you interested in participating?
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To those of you who I’ve already have had the pleasure of meeting and to those of you I haven’t met yet, I look forward to the opportunity of working with you to establish a unique community based around an unique product.
Tony Redhead and the crew at Oomph.