Posted By oomphhq on August 25th, 2011

Tablet Wars Event heats up as Steve Jobs steps down

26th August 2011 – Tablet Wars Event Presented by AIMIA and Oomph, A Mogeneration Innovation. Yesterday the best digital minds in Sydney presented at the Tablet Wars.  While they debated the remarkable growth in the tablet industry, audience members actively participated using #tabletwars.  Half way through the discussion, news of Steve jobs stepping down from his role at Apple emerged.  Industry leaders immediately embraced the news and discussed the impact this would have on the market. Ironically the #tabletwars hashtag suddenly became one of the hottest topics in twittersphere.  The departure in many ways epitomizes the theme of the Tablet Wars. The tablet wars continue to heat up.  The panel argued whether the pressure from Google pushed Steve out of a job? With the face of Apple gone will the monopoly still remain? Keith Ahern, CEO of Mogeneration, the parent company of Oomph, noted it was an end of the era with Apple’s iconic leader leaving.  “Steve Jobs incredible attention to detail and perfection extends to the team that support him at Apple. Just like the first Apple keynote without Steve Jobs – at first it will be strange but then we get caught up in the insanely great story Apple are telling us. I doubt there’s a better time in history for Steve to formally hand over the reigns to Tim Cook than right now, but the show goes on and Apple continues to be Apple, not Steve Jobs.” AIMIA and Oomph created the Tablet Wars to help business navigate the tablet minefield and invited a panel of experts to discuss and investigate what underpins the remarkable growth of tablets and set the scene for the future of business.  It’s been a huge few weeks in tablets with Google buying Motorola Mobile and watched their stock price tumble, HP stepped aside from hardware and had their servers overload by the firesale of their TouchPad and now the departure of Apple’s iconic leader,  the future of personal computing has not being fought out in such spectacular fashion since the Netscape/Microsoft browser battles of the late nineties. The Tablet Was event was a sell out and will be back on October 13th for Round Two: Register now to secure your space. About Oomph: Oomph is the flagship division of Mogeneration, named after its innovative Oomph digital publishing platform for tablet devices.  Oomph is focused on helping clients create world class media apps that captivate and engage with their audience using a simple smart process. Oomph is Simply Smart Tablet Publishing.  For more information you can contact Oomph here. Panelists at the Event Megan Brownlow, Executive Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Keith Ahern, CEO, Oomph.  You can download Keith’s Keynote from SlideShare Foad Fadaghi, Research Director, Telsyte Paul Green, BigPond Devices Manager, Telstra Analee Matthews, Editor, Fitness First Magazine & iPad Magazine Darren Burden, General Manager of News, Fairfax Digital

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