Ad Formats

Collapsed Ad Units (Mobile Web)

The ad creative is designed with a single goal in mind: to entice the user to expand that ad to enjoy the complete rich media experience. An Mrec or leaderboard ad unit is created using the elements of the ad containing the promise. The ‘Tap to expand’ call to action is added which enables the user to view the ad in fullscreen mode.

Mrec Ad Unit

Leaderboard Ad Unit

Expanded Ad Units (In-App and Mobile Web)

The expanded full screen ad is designed to deliver on the promise conveyed in the initial ad unit and allows the user to explore products and services at a deep level without leaving the website they are on. This ensures users who arrive on the advertiser’s website from the ad are pre-qualified buyers.


Web example | In-app example

This format provides a unique canvas for you to tell the story of your brand or product. Using the existing artwork to create compelling animation to reveal crisp, clean graphics, they are created specifically for brand campaigns with a view to drive engagement.



Oomph digital catalogs are designed to display seamlessly inside publisher and merchant apps on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as standalone sections or multipage ads. Our high-quality, beautifully designed rich media catalogues can include audio and video and ensure deeper engagement with higher conversions.

Product Spotlight

Web example | In-app example

Perfect for a product launch or special offer, the product spotlight ad highlights a single hero product using immersive rich media widgets to engage deeply with your product and make an informed purchase decision.

Video Spotlight

Web example | In-app example

Enhanced audio and video options allowing consumers to engage deeply with your product and make an informed purchase decision.