International audience reach, increased student uptake and reduction of print costs for Education Institutions

Global barriers are broken down by digital content. Schools and Universities are embracing digital transformation to ensure they are reaching international audiences and showcasing curriculum, content, facilities and school life.

Oomph Digital Publishing has worked with numerous Education institutions to easily create Apps that house beautiful content. Benefits of Oomph created Apps include:

  • Wider, international audience reach and easy capture of prospect details
  • Cost savings through reduction of print production
  • Higher audience interaction and engagement through video, panorama shots and searchable content
  • Multi-language content to appeal to specific regions

UNSW Business School

Oomph created Chinese and English language versions of the Business school app.


Bond Intl Prospectus

Oomph created a Bond University International Prospectus App focused on the recruitment of students.


Stuartholme Prospectus

Oomph created a Stuartholme school interactive prospectus featuring panorama shots of the school for prospective families.


e-Science Magazine

Oomph created a quarterly digital magazine for the University of Adelaide Science faculty which has seen over 50% of downloads outside Australia.



Oomph created a Kambala School App as an easy way for students to access the school magazine in an interactive and engaging way.


Sydney Uni

Oomph created a Sydney University App for the university’s alumni allowing them to stay in touch no matter where they were.

“We didn’t know what to expect when we embarked on publishing 
e-Science, but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. 
We often find ourselves featured alongside other publications we know and admire. We are really excited by our magazine’s global audience and have readers in parts of the world we never dreamed of reaching.”

- Robert Hill Executive Dean,

Sciences – Adelaide University

“Oomph has enabled e-Science to reach a level of quality and interactivity we could not have achieved on our own. They are always on hand to help us get the most out of the platform and understand new features. Knowing our magazine is in their capable hands gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on what we do best.”

- Dr Kelly Banwell, Senior Project Officer,
Higher Education Participation & Partnerships Program (HEPPP),

Adelaide University

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