To improve the safety of landing aeroplanes around the world


Jacobson Flare App

The Jacobson Flare technique for landing aeroplanes was developed by 
ex-Qantas pilot David Jacobson in 1987. In 2014, Captain Jacobson used Oomph to create an App for the Jacobson Flare – giving access to his teachings to pilots around the world.

Using the Oomph platform, Jacobson Flare produced an interactive App that acts as a manual for pilots wanting to learn his innovative and consistently reliable technique. The Oomph platform enabled the App with videos, calculators and two distinct presentations and has won him accolades in the industry for being so professional and beautifully presented.

  • Improve the safety of landing aeroplanes around the world.
  • Assist with education and improve landing techniques for pilots and enthusiasts.
The Jacobson Flare App includes:
  • A 350 slide interactive app with vital aim point and flare point calculator tools
  • Lots of graphics using images overlayed with triangulations to prove the point
  • Specially designed calculators
  • Videos – real world and simulator – to show the technique 
in action
  • Two distinct presentations in landscape and portrait
  • Sold hundreds of copies of the App in over 35 countries.
  • Received accolades and praise from the Aviation industry (pilots and magazines) for App brilliance.
  • Rated in Apple’s ‘Best New Apps’.

“We chose Oomph because of its brilliance and capabilities compared to other world-class publishing platforms. The professionalism and presentation of the App has won us accolades in the industry”

- David Jacobson, Founder,
The Jacobson Flare

“One of the best Aviation Apps on the market”

- Australian Flying Magazine,
Oct 2014

“The producers of this app have thought of everything an outstanding app needs to consist of!”

- ‘von FlightNav’ - Zurich,


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