Posted By oomphhq on January 23rd, 2014

Marketing museum exhibitions in the iPad era


Museums have existed for over 2,000 years and have gone through everything you can imagine. With that history there are probably not that many places as traditional as them. When it comes to the digital marketing museums execute, it continues to evolve and the need to innovate is more critical then ever. So, how do you revolutionise exhibition marketing at museums to be able to connect with audiences and start building successful relationships?

The key sits in what the retail industry is doing every day; constant innovation and integration with the digital world as much as possible. Retailers have been successful in coming up with leading-edge solutions with the idea of generating interest and attracting more customers or visitors. Through the use of tablet apps with great visual displays, they have created solid customer engagement solutions that invite customers to interact with them.

One avant-garde organisation in the museum space is MCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, winner of the International Museum and Web Conference 2013 in the rich media category, who had the objective of showcasing their exhibition: “The Anish Kapoor” on an app and for the exhibition not only to be shared with the world, but to be preserved as a living catalogue. Keir Winesmith, the MCA’s Manager, Digital Media, said: “We required a wide range of features and stability to create the ‘living catalogue’ concept we wanted to explore with a ground breaking app.” This illustrates how museums have now started taking on a pioneering approach in utilising digital channels, making them one step closer to the retail industry.

Is it time then to bring your museum exhibition to life in a rich multi-media tablet app? Did you know that with the use of cutting edge digital publishing tools you can bring these exhibitions directly to your audience for viewing: anywhere at any time?

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