Posted By oomphhq on August 11th, 2014

The Jacobson Flare App Included in the Australia App Store Best New Apps

The Oomph platform can even be used to explain to pilots the perfect landing techniques.


The Jacobson Flare App has been selected for inclusion in an editorial feature in the App Store called Best New Apps. This was the result of two years of design work and attention to detail – just two hallmarks of this stylish presentation.

Instead of being a flat digital version of a 350 page book, the Oomph powered App maximises the platform capabilities to simplify quantifiable landing techniques and explain to pilots and training organisations what for the last 100 years has been achieved by feel and guesswork.


Congratulations to the Captain David M Jacobson and his team for being noticed by Apple as one of the best new Apps this month.

The Jacobson Flare can be downloaded here.

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