Posted By oomphhq on January 23rd, 2014

Pioneering the direct recruitment of international students


When 54% of the higher education commencements of international students in Australia are in study fields such as accounting, business, management, and sales and marketing, plus the number of new international students in the same cohort in 2013 was over 140,000, it is not a surprise then that universities are being more targeted with their marketing communications, that they are leading the way by innovating in their branding, and that they are using less traditional channels for student recruitment.

These relevant numbers combined with the fact that the two countries with the highest number of international students, China and India are also the countries with the highest number of mobile subscriptions in the world and although is too early for tablets to reach the same penetration, it means that universities in Australia are very interested in creating unique marketing pieces for students intending to study in the management and commerce broad field of study and are also targeting decisions makers with purchasing power (iPad owners).


University of New South Wales (UNSW) and its Australian School of Business just launched an iPad app that illustrates precisely this interest and articulates via this format how studying at a Sydney university for an international student can be as exciting as it is rewarding. Starting with a quick video that takes readers through the campus, it presents in a very fresh format relevant information about Sydney, the quality of the school, the different areas of study, the excellence in research, the industry and alumni networks, the supportive community the international students will encounter, and ultimately the great time students will have, (literally the times of their lives).

Making use of great content, slick designs, high quality video and easy contact at all times – amongst others, is that we think the Australian School of Business (ASB) iPad app is transforming the act of going through marketing content into a true and interactive brand experience and therefore pioneering the direct recruitment of international students via digital formats.

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Download the ASB app from the App Store today.