Posted By oomphhq on June 19th, 2015

Wider audience reach and reduction of costs through 
creation of Honda digital magazine App

Cover of Honda Magazine, 2015 Formula 1 Special Edition

Cover of Honda Magazine, 2015 Formula 1 Special Edition

In a digitally transforming world, Honda wanted to cater to their customers needs, allow for flexible content updates and increase their audience reach through digital channels. Honda used Oomph for Digital Publishing to create the Honda Magazine App. Having significant readership success, Honda ceased the print magazine and moved entirely to digital. This digital transformation allowed Honda to be more flexible and fast in updating content relevant to their audience.

Honda Magazine feature articles

Honda Magazine feature articles

Honda also used Oomph to create the Honda Digital Brochures App to provide interactive and more highly engaged interaction with specific cars.

These Apps allowed Honda to move the business into digital, reaching a wider audience, reducing print production costs, creating interactive experiences, and generating new leads and conversions for dealerships.


Cover of the 2015 Honda HR-V brochure

“We like Oomph because they are extremely flexible. The publishing platform is very easy to use by our internal team and our agency. Our apps have transformed our business creating much more interactive customer experiences”.

– Brand Communications, Honda Australia.

Honda Outcomes:
  • Wider audience reach
  • Higher audience interaction and engagement
  • Lower print production costs
  • Assists dealer network in accessing and presenting information to customers