Posted By oomphhq on January 15th, 2012

Adidas Onside Launches!

16th January

There’s a new player in town.

Welcome to adidas onside!  A new project for Adidas from Haymarket Media has produced two hot new iPhone and iPad apps powered by the Oomph digital publishing platform.

This is an exciting development for the Oomph digital publishing platform in that it now powers iPhone apps with great results (we’ve been focusing on iPads and tablet apps for the past few months).  The team at Haymarket Media Australia produce both the FourFourTwo Australia iPad magazine and PC & Tech Authority iPad magazine.

What is adidas onside?
The new home for exclusive insight into the world’s greatest footballers, giving you the inside track on their life and all their tips and tricks. There’s a magazine, a web site and two free apps exclusively on iPhone and iPad that launched on Thursday 12th January.  “Adidas onside is a fully interactive, multimedia magazine designed to help you get a head start in being the best football player you can be”.
In the newly launched apps – Adidas Onside includes some fantastic exclusive content in here including interviews with Tim Cahill and local players from Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC plus a young 15 year old boy from Canberra who we chose to show off his football juggling talents….as well as some of the world’s biggest names like Lionel Messi and Kaka.

Get ready to raise your game with adidas.

Dribble like Messi
Shoot like Kaka
Save like Neuer
Pass like Schweinsteiger
Interviews with star players
Football tricks to impress your friends and teammates
Coerver Coaching tips to improve your skills
What it takes to be a professional football player
Exclusive photo galleries and video content
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