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AIMIA Tablet Advertising Guidelines

6th December 2011

We are very proud to be the sponsors of an important piece of work in the Australian Tablet Market – the first Tablet Advertising Guidelines report.  See the press release below.

We have created the Tablet Advertising Guidelines App available for free from the App Store.  Somehow these things always look better on the iPad. Download it here.

Press Release AIMIA

The Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) has released a set of guidelines designed to help advertisers identify the best practices for creating and selling ads on tablet devices.

AIMIA’s Guide to Tablet Advertising was launched today during a forum event sponsored by digital publishing tablet platform, Oomph.

John Butterworth, AIMIA CEO, said: “As the tablet market in Australia grows and matures, the marketing and advertising opportunities are becoming difficult for brands to ignore.”

“We saw a clear need to develop guidelines for the industry because of the unique nature of tablet advertising and specific considerations that go along with the platform and different ad formats available.”

The guidelines offer recommendations to agencies and advertisers on how to make advertising more effective and engaging. AIMIA said it anticipates that the guidelines will be reviewed periodically as the industry grows and matures.

AIMIA said it recognised the importance of tablet advertising as a recent Fairfax Media survey found that consumers conduct a variety of retail focused activities. More than 90% of respondents said they researched a product to buy on their tablet, 82% searched for a store and 71% buy products on their tablet.

The guide provides an overview of screen dimensions and the screen real estate available, ad formats and commonly used terms.

It also offers advice on how to execute creative advertising, such as avoiding flickering animations and ensuring typeface is readable. The guide also runs through branded applications, media and metrics and measurement among other topics.

To read a copy of the guidelines click here.

The guide is sponsored by Oomph and was developed in consultation with Oomph, Google, Snakk Media, Optus, Ikon Communications, Fairfax Media, Maxus Global, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Venture One and Telsyte.