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Apple’s iOS5 Newsstand launches with Australian Magazines powered by Oomph.

Apple’s iOS5 Newsstand launches with Australian Magazines powered by Oomph.

13th October 2011

Today Apple released iOS5 and with it signals a new focus and support for publishers taking their content to the iPad.  Two of the key featured apps are from Australian publisher ACP Magazine,  The Australian Women’s Weekly and Gourmet Traveller.

Apple have chosen these Australian iPad Magazines to sit alongside other world class iPad titles in the newsstand such as Wired, New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, National Geographic and The Daily.

At the time of this report, these are the only Australian titles featured.   Newsstand sits on the homepage of any iOS 5 device and houses only newspaper and magazine apps, making them both easier to find and easier to download.

Keith Ahern, CEO of, creators of the Oomph digital publishing platform that powers over 70 titles on iPad said, “Newsstand is quite simply the biggest innovation from Apple in support of magazine and newspaper publishers on the iPad.  Not only does automatic downloading bring true grab and go to the iPad, it allows interactive magazine style apps to be differentiated from the cluttered App Store.  Just like going into a book store, iPad users will be able to peruse magazines and make a more considered purchase.  They will not have to fight their way through games and utility style apps to find what they are looking for.”

The best 3 features of Newsstand are:

  • Newsstand will sit on the homepage of iOS devices bringing greater awareness and attention to magazine and news style apps
  • Easy searching; Newsstand allows these well designed apps to be easily found within a crowded App Store, separating them from the increasing number of games and utility type apps.
  • Background loading means readers do not have to sit and wait for their latest edition to download, it does this in the background.  If readers have subscribed to a magazine, it will download over wifi as soon as the latest edition is released.

Keith continues “It has been key for us to help our customers both understand and embrace this opportunity.  Our clients have been very enthusiastic about making the move to the newsstand.  For these reasons, we have made it a priority for the Oomph digital publishing platform to be ready at launch.”

The Oomph digital publishing platform was created to help publishers take their content onto the iPad in April 2010.  Oomph partners with over 40 publishers, powering over 70 titles onto the iPad and continues to lead innovation in this space offering over 30 features including voice control and social media integration.  More titles are expected to launch on the Newsstand including Fitness First magazine, Three Magazine and Financial Standard

Gourmet Traveller iPad Magazine was recently rated the third equal best iPad magazine in the world by Magazine World – published by FIPP.

For more information or to request an interview please contact:

Lisa Walton  Marketing Director – Oomph

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