Posted By oomphhq on June 25th, 2012

Artisan Magazine -“It’s flippin amazing”

26th June 2012

Here at Oomph, we’re passionate about helping our clients create rich media experiences on the iPad. We’ve built a pretty awesome digital platform and our Oomph Design team have had some input into almost all of the 120 Oomph powered iPad apps.

So, we proudly announce that one of our most experienced Oomph designers Leigh-Ann Thomas has released her own iPad ‘zine called Artisan Magazine along with 2 other very talented creatives Natalie Hunfalvay and Bhavani Konings.  I caught up with Leigh-Ann to find out why when she wasn’t designing a client’s iPad magazine, she decided to design her own.

1)  What is Artisan magazine?

Artisan is an independently published magazine-style app created exclusively for iPad. As the name suggests, it celebrates artisans in many shapes and forms.

2) Where did the idea for Artisan come from?

Soon after meeting serendipitously on a photoshoot for Inside Out magazine, the three of us realised that we have a resonant aesthetic and similar creative goals. Embarking on a bigger project together was a very natural next step. We wanted to create something that promotes the unique, handmade and local while exploring the new and exciting medium of digital publishing.

3)  Who’s  involved?

Bhavani – who styles the shoots and writes; Natalie – who does the photography, video and audio; and Leigh-Ann – who art directs and designs the app. Although we have distinct roles it’s a very collaborative process. We’re all involved at every level of production and in the decision-making along the way.

4) What resources were required to put this magazine together?

Besides the usual equipment needed for photoshoots and design, it took a lot of TIME! We spent several months producing the content outside of our regular jobs, between holidays and traveling for work, while conceptualising, moulding and refining the general idea of the magazine as we went along.

5) Any words of advice for other independent magazines?

Firstly, there aren’t enough of you on iPad! Secondly – if you’re going to make a magazine to to be viewed primarily on an iPad it shouldn’t simply be a rework of an existng print or web magazine. To get the most from the iPad platform your content should be created specifically for your medium.

6) Where to next?

Another issue of Artisan – hopefully soon! We feel very excited about the next one by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve gotten on our launch issue. And more collaboration with like-minded creatives and clients.

Download Artisan magazine – it’s free, beautifully crafted and brings media to life using the Oomph platform.

Artisan Magazine is already receiving positive reviews and was featured in respected design Blog The Design Files,  – read the review here. ” Essentially, Artisan is a magazine exclusively for iPad.  As the title suggests, the magazine focuses on stories about local creative people and happenings, with a lean towards unique, handcrafted product.  But to be honest, whilst it is rich with beautiful imagery and content, what’s truly unique about Artisan Magazine are the completely immersive, interactive features.  They are astounding.  It’s like you blinked and suddenly THE FUTURE ARRIVED.” High five ladies! Enjoy!

Lisa Walton

Marketing Director, Oomph.