Posted By oomphhq on March 21st, 2010

Australia’s First iPad app: Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine by mogeneration

Now available from the app store. View the video walkthrough of the app. At mogeneration we have been hard at work creating iPad and iPhone apps. Mogeneration are working with to bring “Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine” to the iPhone and iPad. Carter’s Encyclopaedia of Health and Medicine is an extremely comprehensive iPad application specifically written for the general public. This 1,800 page encyclopaedia containing 12,000 entries is being published first on iPad. The app’s design mimics that of an authoritative hardback encyclopaedia complete with bookmarks and page creases. The app moves beyond the limits of a physical book with a full text search, an interactive body diagram, browsing history and adjustable font size. It requires NO internet connection and can be operated anywhere as the data is held entirely within the device. The app covers the definitions and explanations of every medical term and health problem likely to be encountered by an individual, and should be detailed enough to cover all the information a nurse or paramedical is ever likely to need. It is written in a relaxed style that expands on the basic dictionary definitions to make the knowledge it contains encyclopaedic in its coverage. The contents should be understood by anyone with a high school education, and certainly no prior knowledge of medicine or science is necessary. Extensive cross referencing enables readers to follow up other related areas of interest and demonstrate how everything within the body is connected in someway to something else, making us an extraordinarily complex and interconnected organism. In an easy to access dictionary format, the manuscript comprehensively covers :- – Abbreviations (for diseases, pathology tests and even the letters after a doctor’s name) – Addictive substances (eg. alcohol, heroin, cocaine) – Alternative medicine (eg. naturopathy, herbs, chiropractic) – Anatomy (the organs of the body – eg. liver, heart, kidneys) – Bodily substances (eg. bile, blood, faeces) – Definitions of an extremely wide range of medical terms (the language of medicine demystified) – Diseases (over 2500 different diseases described) – Emergencies (eg. choking, poisoning, bleeding) – Investigations (eg. colonoscopy, x-rays) – Lifestyle experiences (eg. birth, bereavement, stress, masturbation) – Medical curiosities (things you always wanted to know, but didn’t realise) – Medical history (eg. Hippocrates, black death, the caduceus) – Medications (from aspirin to cancer treating drugs) – Pathology tests (on blood, urine, faeces etc.). – Physiology (eg. breast feeding, menopause, metabolism) – Poisonous animals (eg. snake bite, bee sting, blue ringed octopus) – Procedures (eg. biopsy, excision) – Signs (eg. enlarged liver, lumps, reflexes) – Surgical operations (eg. cholecystectomy, hysterectomy) – Symptoms (500 different symptoms from backache to headache, and bleeding to wheeze) – Treatments (eg. chemotherapy, radiotherapy, physiotherapy) Where appropriate, pictures, line drawings and diagrams are included to make the written explanation clearer. Over one million words are used to cover 12,000 entries to make this the most comprehensive lay person health and medical guide possible. Written by Dr. Warwick Carter, who has written 23 other books on medical topics over the past 26 years, as well as over 3000 medical magazine and newspaper articles. He has sold over 4.5 million medical books in eleven languages around the world. His books vary from textbooks on pathology to simple question and answer books for lay people. He is a medical practitioner based in Brisbane, Australia and holds a post as an Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University in Queensland. Any feedback regarding additions and alterations to the text would be welcomed. LANGUAGES English Please note that the Encyclopaedia is written in Standard English and uses the metric system for measurements. There is significant cross referencing to American English and the Imperial system of measurements. PRICE The app will be available at a special introductory price of $9.99USD for a limited time. Carter’s Encyclopaedia uses mogenerations mobile publishing framework – the best way to publish to iPhone, iPad and Android. For more information about creating iPhone and iPad apps please visit or send an email to