Posted By oomphhq on February 18th, 2015

Can Apple Pay™ “buy from the ad” mobile advertising be the breakthrough for publishers?

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Recent circulation figures suggest ongoing challenges for news and magazine publishers in driving consumer uptake of their tablet and mobile papers and magazines. However, the rollout of Apple Pay™ could be the beginning of a revolution in mobile advertising and a valuable addition to the ad tech capabilities of the largest media companies.

Since launching in the US in October, 2014, the uptake of Apple Pay has gathered pace, with impressive consumer adoption within the enabled retailers and merchants. McDonald’s confirmed that more than 50% of its in-store mobile payments were made with Apple Pay in its first month and Whole Foods processed more than 150,000 Apple Pay transactions in the first three weeks of the service. Further evidence has come from Walgreens, who have said that in-store mobile payments have doubled since Apple Pay launched.

As traditional publishers look to balance old media’s model of exposure with new media’s hunger for direct commercial impact, Apple Pay enabled advertising could deliver significant value for the media, the advertisers and, perhaps most importantly, for the consumer.

Continuing its lead in the innovation of digital publishing and advertising, Oomph has launched the first Apple Pay enabled advertising solution for native iPad and iPhone apps.

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This is a huge opportunity for large media publishers to help their advertisers connect with their engaged audience in a way that delights consumers and delivers direct commercial returns. At Oomph, we are excited to see how compelling the integration of Apple Pay can be to allow consumers to buy directly from the ad.

Advertisements created with Apple Pay enabled features, allow consumers to purchase directly from the ad by simply scanning their fingerprint on their Touch ID enabled iPhone or iPad. The consumer’s credit card and delivery details are accessed via their iTunes account, creating the simplest and most satisfying consumer purchasing experience available today.

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In a mobile first world the ability to make purchasing easy, secure and fast is not desirable – it’s essential.

See how Oomph Apple Pay enabled ads work

Oomph will be launching in the U.S with a presence in New York City from late February. Find out more about Oomph solutions or contact us

— Post by Keith Ahern, CEO, Oomph.