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Corporate trends leading to tablets

Sept 14th 2011Oomph For Enterprise: Corporates embracing the tablet market.

Corporates are rising to the challenge and embracing tablet technology. Over the past month, Oomph has powered a number of corporate titles onto the iPad from businesses as diverse as PwC, Fuji Xerox Australia, the Tax Institute and the Financial Standard – see below for more details.

During Apple’s latest earnings report out on the 19th July 2011, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said the company has seen iPad used in the enterprise in ways they could have never imagined with 86% of the Fortune 500 companies deploying or testing iPad in the second quarter of 2011.

Karim Temsamani, Google’s global head of mobile advertising was recently quoted in the AFR “mobile phones and tablets are going to become the primary source for accessing information” and that business needed to adapt their business strategy to take advantage of the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablet computers.For corporates, Oomph can offer efficient information delivery through either closed group publishing or utilising the Apple Enterprise channel, meaning corporates can control distribution.


AnchorIn August, Oomph added 5 new iPad magazines that target the B2B space.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has released 2 of their prestigious titles in the past month onto the iPad using Oomph tools; the Entertainment and Media Outlook Report 2011-2015 (featuring a chapter focused on tablets so literally following their own advice) and the 2011 Annual Review. This year’s Outlook features a special section in the rise of tablet devices so it was a logical step to publish this report to the iPad. It was launched to a group of almost 150 and apparently the highlight of the app demo was the graph and data manipulation available. Showing again that great content design can delight any audience. The Outlook iPad edition is $299 in the iTunes Appstore (normally around $990) and the Annual Review is available as a free download.

Oomph for Enterprise gains further traction in this space with The Tax Institute,  Fuji Xerox and the Financial Standard all launching iPad titles in August.  The Tax Institute’s Blue Journal App is available free from the iTunes Appstore (for 3 months before being closed to their members using closed group publishing that is available through Oomph), for lovers of tax everywhere. The Financial Standard App is available through a sponsorship with Zurich for the next 3 months. Fuji Xerox’s Sustainability Report (produced for the iPad by Eliot And Co) is available for free download from the iTunes Appstore.  From a design perspective these B2B titles are embracing the full feature set of Oomph including event registration, live twitter feeds, geo location etc. The Fin Standard pulls in live breaking news from the website into the App combining news feed with curated magazine style copy.
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Oomph Corporate publications can be distributed through the following delivery techniques:

Closed Group – Run through the iTunes AppStore using a password to control access to the information. Used for member access only, for client services (ideal for internal and external Partners and limited distribution requirements – eg extranets) *

iTunes App store – Open distribution through the iTunes Appstore and open to anyone, Paid (revenue channel) or Free (marketing)

Apple Enterprise – internal to organisations where groups can be pushed information using their UDID as identification. Uses device management security systems as an extension or existing corporate enterprise IT systems eg windows NT. (intranet) *

* integration to existing systems would require additional scoping.

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