Posted By oomphhq on October 2nd, 2012

Designers: Make your portfolio look awesome for free

Oomph is a designer friendly app development platform.

If you can happily use InDesign or Keynote, you can build apps with Oomph.

Many of the innovative designers we know use our free preview app Oomph Viewer and our design guide to create interactive design portfolios for free.

Adrian Stewart is one such Designer who uses Oomph Viewer to present his portfolio:

I gotta say I’m loving the Oomph platform. I’ve put my design portfolio together as an emag and it’s been SO handy to present my work on the iPad rather than carry a giant folder around. Plus, I can now easily show videos and after effects animations all in the one document, and it’s so simple to keep up to date. Absolutely loving the simplicity of it!