Posted By oomphhq on December 8th, 2011

Fire dragons, motorbikes and Three Magazine

9th December 2011

Today I was reading through the Three Magazine and checked to see how the reviews are going.  Average rating is 4.5/5 and it’s still in its infancy.  This is a great mag and attracts an obviously eclectic audience as the App Store  review demonstrate.

“3D raise the bar on street press editorial.  Three Magazine uses it as a toothpick.  While sitting it on a motorbike.  Made out of dragons. On fire.  I actually saw this happen.  I was also on fire. It was awesome. That’s not to say you will catch fire too, but Three IS a hot magazine.”  Burninate 5 stars.

StreetPress Australia continues to enjoy the Apple Orbit with The Drum Media, Inpress, and Time Off Magazine featured in Newsstand New & Noteworthy category on the App Store.

5 of the 18 iPad magazines featured in the Newsstand are powered by Oomph including The Australian Women’s Weekly and Gourmet Traveller by ACP.