Posted By oomphhq on October 5th, 2011

Goodbye Steve Jobs

A message from CEO Keith Ahern

Tom Adams and I decided to start Mogeneration about 2 seconds after Steve Jobs demo’d the first iPhone in 2007.  Tom and I had been fans of Apple products for many years.  I owned an Apple Cube, Steves iconic cube shaped desktop computer which is a design classic but a commercial failure.  I also owned one of the first iPods in Australia when they retailed at around $900AUD.  Both of these products made people stop in their tracks and want to interact with them.

We started Mogeneration in September 2008 to make iPhone apps.  We decided to look forward and not backward. We eschewed mobiles with keyboards and echoed Steve’s words that touch is the future.

Three years later Mogeneration has amazing clients, big and small, and 20 employees who spend all day working on MacBooks, iPhones and iPads – and, I truly believe, everyone loves their job.  We love what we do and its all due to Steve Jobs and his uncompromising approach to perfect products.

It’s a very sad day, but I feel happy in the fact that Steves wonderful products inspire people to create greatness every single day.

Thanks Steve, we will miss you.

Keith Ahern, Tom Adams and the whole crew at Mogeneration & OomphHQ.