Posted By oomphhq on March 25th, 2012

iMonitor Ratings and accreditation

May 2012


Australia’s Three Magazine has been named one of the 20 best iPad magazine apps in the world according to iMonitor figures released in early March 2012 published by US research group McPheters & Company.  StreetPress Australia’s Managing Editor Andrew Mast , “We were aiming for a Golden Globe nomination but being ranked alongside Martha Stewart means more than any statuette ever could.” Great work StreetPress Australia.

Get Your App Accredited!

We are now working with McPheters & Company, the business that produces the iMonitor database.  iMonitor™ tracks publications distributed through dedicated tablet apps on more than 100 discrete variables.  They are currently tracking more than 3500 apps from over 60 countries, with more being added each week.  iMonitor™ provides app publishers with rigorous evaluation of their apps, in terms of App Design, Functionality and Media Content.

Many Oomph magazine and news style apps are ranked in the top 80 percentile of iMonitor apps and as part of our agreement with McPheters we have access to additional research, briefings and reports.

iMonitor also rates developers and Oomph currently has an average ranking of 11.7. This is the highest global score of any developer that has over 20 Apps being ranked.  Special mention to StreetPress Australia – Three Magazine and ACP Magazines – Gourmet Traveller both ranked as 5 star gold rankings.

What does iMonitor mean for you?

iMonitor is the leading certification program globally for magazine and newspaper style apps. The obvious benefit of being highly ranked on iMonitor shows your apps is of a high quality and this can be used to increase advertising revenues.

It’s a great reason to engage with your Oomph account manager to help provide you with insights and advice around how to improve your ranking and ultimately create a better iPad magazine.  This knowledge will allow us to continually assist our clients with market leading insights.

Note: Self service clients who have not paid for account management will still be able to access iMonitor certification but will not be given a consultation by Oomph. Contact us if you would still like the relevant logos and proof of certification.

From iMonitor

Since April of 2010, iMonitor has been providing app publishers with rigorous evaluation of their apps, in terms of App Design, Functionality and Media Content.  To date, iMonitor has assessed over 5000 apps – most more than once.  App quality is highly variable.  Of the apps we have evaluated, almost a third have significant malfunctions which can include download issues, spontaneous crashes, links that fail or audio/video content that does not play properly – or turn off the way it should.

Both advertisers and consumers need a way to avoid apps that are unlikely to live up to expectations.   iMonitor Certification allows publishers to receive a thorough assessment of the quality of each individual app, and if certification is granted, use it to document app quality to these important constituencies.  iMonitor Certification indicates that an app is free of malfunctions, and is in the top 20% of all apps evaluated.  Additionally, iMonitor Certified apps are awarded stars based on the iMonitor rating system:

iMonitor™ App Rating












12 or 12.5



13 or 13.5






*Percentiles can vary slightly over time

How It Works

Publishers can submit their apps for evaluation and receive detailed reports of how they perform against our evaluative criteria.  If an app earns certification, the publisher has the right to use the appropriate iMonitor Certified symbol for a 12 month period in promoting the app to both consumers and advertisers.  Since iMonitor re-evaluates apps when they are updated, if an app no longer is deserving of its certification the publisher will have 30 days to correct the problem or its certification will be withdrawn and the publisher will be required to withdraw any materials in which the iMonitor certification logo appears.  The certification process occurs automatically for apps of iMonitor subscribers which meet the criteria and incurs no additional charge.  A publicly accessible database of iMonitor Certified Apps is maintained at