Posted By oomphhq on November 8th, 2012

Introducing Oomph Editor – our new free design tool that makes publishing your apps easier.

Our Creative Technologist Tony Redhead introduced Oomph Editor exclusively to members of our Oomph User Group at a webinar last week. If you didn’t catch it – the ondemand version of the webinar is available now.

What is Oomph Editor? 

Oomph developers have been busy behind the scenes to produce Oomph Editor, a new tool that makes the app design process even easier.

Oomph Editor allows you to edit all your project files for your app in the one place. You can drag and drop a whole project folder into Editor and instantly see all of the section folders, expand them to see all of the section assets, click on animation files and edit them directly within your project files, change slideshows, add action hot spots. Hit preview and Editor sends your new content straight to your iPad. It’s that easy. 

During the webinar the User Group were taken through:

  1. An overview of Oomph Editor
  2. How to load and view a project in Oomph Editor
  3. Creating and reviewing hotspots
  4. Opening assets in their native editor
  5. Testing on the iOS Simulator and on iPad

Download our free tool Oomph Editor

Get started – view the ondemand version of the webinar

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