Posted By oomphhq on April 30th, 2012

Keith’s Tablet Insights May

May 2012

We have always driven Oomph forward based 50% on listening to customers and 50% on our strong opinions on where this industry is going.  This leading and listening has helped us create one of the the  best tablet publishing platforms out there.

Highest average iMonitor ratings

Australian iPad apps score very highly on the McPheter’s iMonitor global app rating system. Many of which are powered by Oomph. In fact, of all platforms that publish more than 20 titles, Oomph has the highest average rating. This means Oomph apps consistently make good use of rich interactivity,navigation and stability.

This didn’t go unnoticed by many of the publishers that I met on my visit to New York.  In particular, they were very impressed with the quality and interactivity of Oomph iPad magazines.  I went to NYC half expecting to get lost in the noise but instead there was lot of interest and it was great to hear praise heaped upon the Oomph powered titles.  Several big name US publishers are now trialling Oomph for both magazines and one-shot apps.

The shelf life of tablet magazines and the new iPad

I was in New York when the new iPad was launched.  I bought mine at Grand Central station which is a giant Apple store with a train station attached.  Despite having a great relationship with Apple we did not have any early access to the new iPad.  We were very happy to see that ALL Oomph content looked fantastic on the new iPad.  In fact our first Oomph iPad publication – the June 2010 issue of Gourmet Traveller from ACP looked fantastic on the new iPad.  The text was rendered at the full resolution of the new iPad.  In other words, Oomph content has a long digital shelf life and apps do not need to be optimised for the iPad,  it already is.  There is still work to be done to make the app optimal on the new iPad and we will be releasing app updates beginning this month.

In the next few months you will see many exciting developments for oomph including Oomph for iPhone, Oomph Live, OomphBox desktop helper, sharing to Pinterest, Oomph self publishing (and entry level prices for the motivated self starter) and more – all designed to help our customers capitalise on the furious uptake of tablets.

Right now, tablet publishing  is about creating an ROI for the investment of time, energy and resource. In a recent blog, I explained why we are for now, focusing on making the Oomph iPad publishing tools world class rather than focus on an Android tablet solution. There is little doubt that the likes of Samsung, Motorola/Google  and Amazon will begin making bigger inroads in the tablet market but right now, there’s no denying the iPad owns this space.

Until next time,

Keith Ahern, CEO Oomph