Posted By oomphhq on January 30th, 2012

Kick start your 2012 with health and fitness – on the iPad.

January 30th 2012 Did you make fitness a priority for 2012?  Well we have you covered – Oomph now powers an exciting range of fitness and health magazines. This means you can lean back, relax with your iPad whilst getting inspired about the latest fitness trend, (kettle bell anyone?)  nutritional advice (gotta love that quinoa) latest celebrity weight loss (come on Federline) and hot new training gear (impatiently waiting for the new Garmin 910x). Along with the award winning Fitness First Magazine produced by Active Media Group, Oomph now powers Australian Men’s Fitness by Odysseus Publishing and Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine the first of 3 new sports focused iPad mags from Blitz Publishing. Blitz Publishing is a new client to Oomph and publishes some of the most exciting sports publications worldwide. Women’s Health & Fitness is their first foray into iPad publishing. The team use slick navigation and animations that make you explore the app as much as read it. You can read their press release here. Odysseus Publishing launched Men’s Fitness Australia In November and like their global brand name, the February magazine is bursting with famous sportsmen including the return of an amazing looking Michael Klim, gym workouts, recipes, movie reviews and of course how to improve your bedroom performance! Why do fitness and health magazines work so well on the iPad? So you got some great technique tips from your expensive personal trainer and now you want to hit the gym on your own – only to find you can’t quite remember which muscles to activate or if you are holding the right form (stomach muscles in, back leg straight etc).  iPad magazines regularly include embedded fitness videos which is just like having a personal trainer in your hands while holding that pose!  video images Many fitness magazines also cover a range of topics including nutrition and provide healthy recipes. The Fitness First iPad magazine features voice control in recipe mode so you never need to put your ‘cooking’ hands on the screen. Plus these mags are a great source of upcoming Australian races, events and outdoor activities – anyone else keen for the Sydney Triathlon? Proof that using an iPad can be good for your health!   Lisa Walton, Marketing Director Oomph (and part time triathlete)