Posted By oomphhq on July 23rd, 2011

5 ways to market your app

[statement]So you’ve created a beautiful app – now you want your market to know about it.  Well,  you need more than a “build it and they will come type of attitude.”  Some thought provokers that we think you should consider below. [/statement]

  1. Collect information from your purchasers on line – Research shows that over 40% of customers who download a magazine appopt to supply their details. Like a loyalty card in your pocket. Means you can reach far more than ever than previously available.
  2. Branded app – means you can take advantage of search on the app store.  Your app is easy to find as long as your customers know what they’re looking for.  Searching for apps on the App store is straight forward and of course you get access to one of the best micropayment systems in the world , so it makes sense to be a part of this.
  3. Word of mouth / Sharing – social media is crucial for driving traffic to your aoopp. The Oomph platform integrates sharing so that readers who like what they see can share pics, stories with their mates via twitter, facebook etc.  A definite incentive to make great quality content that’s worth sharing.
  4. Make your other channels media work hard. You’ve maybe got a website, some brochures, a hard copy magazine?  So it makes sense to promote your new app in as many places as you can.  Apps can deliver richer brand experiences that enhance your existing media. Your offline marketing suchas print etc should highlight the additional content, features avaialble through your app.
  5. Jump in – don’t do it half heartedly, embrace the new media and make sure that all levels of your organisation are promoting the new app.