Posted By oomphhq on October 12th, 2011

MY BEST TECH: Keith Ahern

Keith Ahern interviewed by 13th October.

Keith Ahern is the chief executive of tablet publishing company OomphHQ, which is responsible for publishing a number of Australia’s largest magazine publications to the iOS and Android operating systems.

Ahern has been toying with the iOS 5 software for a couple of months now, and says he believes it will change the way iPhone owners will work with their devices – but that it really changes how they will use the iPad.

“On the iPad, I think this is really special. It brings in a lot more gestures where you don’t even need to use the home key anymore. Just swipe right or left with two fingers, and you change between your apps. That’s really easy to use.”

“To open your multitasking tray you just swipe up with four fingers. It’s a feature where people look at it and think, “Wow, that’s really cool”.

“You’re in complete control just by using these gestures. They’re really intuitive, and they work, really, really well. As time goes on, I’m finding I use my laptop less, and my iPad more. That transition is happening faster than I thought it would.”