Posted By oomphhq on November 21st, 2013

Oomph Tablet Publishing Webinars in Europe!

Europe Webinars2

We are pleased to announce that we are extending our Oomph tablet publishing webinars to Europe! Our resident Oomph Guru in London, Gina Manns, will be hosting a series of webinars starting from the 27th November. These sessions will cover everything you need to know to use the Oomph platform to its full potential to publish your own tablet apps easy and effectively.

For those of you that is winding down towards Christmas (hopefully!) and would like to hone your tablet publishing skills over the festive season we have developed a 4 week Oomph Tablet Publishing Bootcamp.

These sessions will run every week on a Wednesday at 2pm GMT starting the 27th November and will cover the following topics:

Oomph Getting Started Introduction (Week 1):
An overview of how to get started on the Oomph platform. This session will cover the tools that are available to build your app, how Oomph works and an introduction to Oomph features.

Oomph Features Masterclass (Week 2):
An in-depth overview of the capabilities and core features that are available on the Oomph platform, and how to create and use them within your app.

Oomph Advanced Masterclass (Week 3):
A masterclass for advanced users covering more technical features as well as creating one-off widgets for custom functionality within your app.

Oomph Production Masterclass (Week 4):
Available Oomph tools as well as Tips and Tricks to optimise your production workflow to create apps using the Oomph platform.

You can choose to join us for the whole series or you can just  choose a specific topic that you are interested in. To register for any of these sessions simply go to the webinars page on the Oomph website.

Alternatively if you would like to learn in your own time we have some pre-recorded versions of the webinars which you can watch on our Oomph Youtube Channel, together with a range of other helpful tutorials.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our upcoming webinars!

The Oomph Design team