Posted By oomphhq on September 6th, 2013

Smartphones and tablets have doubled the time we spend online


A  new report from Jumptap and Comscore came out recently providing some great insights that discusses “Screen Jumping” behaviour by today’s consumer. The report is based on the American consumer but with Australian audiences being one of lead mobile and tablet users, we think there would be a close correlation here in Australia.

In just 3 years we are using the internet twice as much, not surprisingly,  the bulk of the usage is from smartphones and tablets.


Internet usage has doubled in the past 3 years.

Going deeper into the JumpTap survey, shows the growth of tablets in the past year in the US has grown a whopping 59% compared with 22% for smartphones and just 1% for Desktop PCs.

Growth rates in the US

And for all of our food related verticals – tablets are the most popular device to access food content with 45% of tablet users accessing food related content at least once/ month.

Tablets are the most popular device for accessing food content

The impact of  mobile on our behaviours is evident everyday, we are more connected than ever and it seems surrounded by screens at home, at work and on our commute.  I biked to work this morning and narrowly avoided being hit by a pedestrian who didn’t look up from his mobile phone as he stepped into the bike lane. Let’s just make sure that we take the time to disconnect every now and then!

You can download the report from JumpTap here. JumpTap is a leading American unified audience platform.


Lisa Walton, Strategy Director @waltonlisa