Posted By oomphhq on February 27th, 2012

StreetPress Australia

StreetPress Australia takes the leap into iPad publishing. StreetPress Australia are an independent publisher and  is the leading choice in reaching Australia‚ youth through the street press medium. Dedicated to producing market-leading music and popular culture magazines for over 20 years and with five publications in the group’s stable, SPA is not only the largest publisher of free youth titles in the country but is also the first to offer clients the means by which to reach the national youth demographic with a single point of contact. Inpress Magazine, Drum Media Sydney, Drum Media Perth, Time Off and Rip It Up have all captured the hearts of generations of music lovers. Cutting edge design, the best music journalism in the country and superior production quality are the attributes of a group focused on delivering what a media savvy readership demands and in a fragmented market, SPA is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled market penetration. In 2011, StreetPress Australia embraced digital publishing by successfully launching Three their new iPad only mag in August 2011 using the Oomph Digital Publishing Platform.  It’s a super creative, slightly controversial (American Girl DollyWood – dolls in push chairs, crazy Ibiza trips and street fashion advice from ‘biddies and codgers’) and available as a free download thanks to a wide range of sponsorships and advertising. Update 7th March 2012 – Three Magazine named in the iMonitor List of Best Magazine Apps for iPad by McPheters & Company. Three focuses on StreetPress Australia’s expertise in pushing the boundaries of content and as featured in the Mumbrella press release it will cover ‘countercultural trends, emerging art, aspiring designers, burgeoning brands and adventurous pop culture’. Identified quickly by Apple as a new and note worthy app in the first week following the release of the first full edition. Three was followed quickly by StreetPress Australia’s suite of weekly streetmags onto the iPad also including The Drum Media (NSW) Drum Perth (WA),  Inpress  (Vic), Time Off (QLD), no mean feat considering the tight content turnaround time from creation to print and now to iPad production. Craig Treweek, Managing Director of StreetPress told us he was surprised this was possible, “We have found the Oomph digital publishing system by far the easiest software package to integrate into our current workflows and production systems. The simplicity combined with Oomph support team has ensured we are producing quality media for the iPad platform without having to restaff or completely change our production flows. To be honest when Oomph claimed training would only be a few hours I didn’t believe them, but true to their word our current team has easily transitioned to the Oomph system. Its simplicity obviously relies on an incredible back end but the advantage is we as at the client don’t need to worry about code or anything sitting behind it. It just works! As print publishers we’ve seen all our  processes change dramatically in the past decade film to plate etc. The next step tablet publishing and utilising the digital mediums available looked like a much greater transition. Oomph has put in place a model that allows publishers to continue with current resources and systems and still produce to these new mediums in creative ways.”Anchor StreetPress an Apple Favourite In the App store where there are hundreds of new apps launched daily, it is vital to promote these apps so it stands out in the crowd. Congrats to SPA for embracing this challenge and going the extra mile in transforming their print mag covers into iPad promo tools ( the image is a picture of their print magazine.) These mags are heavily supported by Apple in the App Store charts and this is due in part to their entertaining and original content but also because of SPA’s progressive marketing strategy and have held pride of place in the App Store since launch. Talk about embracing the new medium! Here is SPA’s press release for their weekly mags. The launch edition of Time Off featured an interactive cover with The Wiggles, as well as embedded video with Thousand Needles In Red and HTRK stories and mp3 tracks with album reviews of The Fauves and Witch Hats. Marketing Lessons for Other Publishers. Getting promoted in the Apple categories can do wonders for awareness and downloads. StreetPress have worked closely with Apple to make sure they had the best chance of being featured in their App Store including giving Apple time to sign off their marketing collateral and ensure the launch of Three aligned with Apple’s feature dates. Other ideas for publishers include: 1) Rather than rely on Apple to be a main promotion channel for your app, it needs to be a part of a fully integrated marketing program. For StreetPress, having support from Apple is a major bonus but sits alongside a lot of print and cinema advertising. 2) Follow the App Store marketing guidelines and do not promote your app until it has been approved in the App Store. Contact Oomph for more information about how we can help you with this process. 3) Use existing channels to promote your app, this should include promotion on your website, through e-newsletters, social media and in your print magazine. Creating a Youtube video gives your readers a preview of your iPad app is a great tool. 4) On-going promotion could include giving away a special edition of your iPad magazine for free to give readers a risk free way to experience your app. 5) Don’t leave money on the table when you sell iPad advertising. Give advertisers the option to include interactivity to their ads (at a premium price). This could include embedded video, web clips or links and ecommerce buttons – features that are available on the Oomph platform.