Posted By oomphhq on December 8th, 2011

The Mobile Magazine Reader Study

December 2011

“The Mobile Magazine Reader” A Custom Study of Magazine App Users was released in November for the US Association of Magazine Media.   With a sample size of 1009 tablet users – the largest study of it’s kind.

Some amazing insights from this study including the rise of ecommerce on tablets (or Tcommerce) and that tablet advertising is something that people are willing to engage in.  At Oomph, the best tablet advertisements are seeing 7-15% ‘tap through rates’ as compared with 0.1-0.3% that you would find on website interstitials or banner ads.  We believe that if the quality of advertising can remain strong, that advertisers go beyond replicating their print ads and use this new medium to create a brand experience, then advertising can change from that thing we flick past to something we enjoy.  Who’d have thought!

90% said that since acquiring their mobile device, they are consuming just as much—if not more—magazine content
82% want a gift card pre-loaded with a digital magazine subscription when giving a mobile device as a gift this holiday season

Publishers & advertisers take notice:

Rise of mobile commerce

59% they want the ability to buy direct from the ads

70% want to be able to purchase products and services directly from editorial features.

73% said they typically engage with digital magazine ads.

“Digital magazines provide a direct link between purchase intent and actual transaction” Christopher Kevorkian, EVP/ Digital MPA.

You can download the report here.