Posted By oomphhq on March 7th, 2012

The new iPad is great news for publishers and readers

The new iPad, announced today March 7th, is a fantastic improvement to the existing iPad line up.  The new retina screen with four times the resolution of the previous iPad means that content, especially the written word will look better than ever.  At Oomph we anticipated this change and have based our digital publishing formats on resolution independent formats like PDF and HTML.  This means existing Oomph digital content such as magazines from ACP, Haymarket and Street Press, reports from PwC and every other Oomph customer will automatically be displayed at the full resolution on the new iPad.  No additional resources or steps are required.  Many alternative tablet publishing solution are simply JPEG images of magazine pages, these fixed resolution solutions will look no better on the new iPad.


Inline with the super fast 4G network support in the new iPad and the continued rollout of the NBN we expect publishers to embrace video at  higher resolutions in their iPad apps.  At Oomph we have no doubt that the future has never looked brighter for publishers looking to transition to digital.  The iPad is built upon everything that’s great about print and adds engaging interactivity, effortless distribution and transactions.


Oomph is the only Australian vendor in the iMonitor top 20 list of iPad magazines world wide, you are in safe hands with us.  Take the next step, contact the oomph team on the web at or email