Posted By oomphhq on September 15th, 2015

Forbes - 5 Innovative Ad Tech Companies

5 Innovative Ad Tech Companies You Should Know About (featuring Oomph)

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Story by Ilya Pozin

There are hundreds of companies in the ad tech industry competing for a vast and growing amount of money. These companies range in size from Google, the dominant player, to tiny startups you’ve never heard of.

To thrive in this environment of intense competition, independent ad tech companies will have to be uniquely good in specific niches so that their services are in demand no matter who controls the market.

Here are five ad tech companies that have navigated the competition by becoming leaders in their respective niches:

1. AdRoll: retargeting

2. Tapad: Cross-device advertising

3. MediaMath: Demand-side

4. StartApp: Mobile ad and monetization

5. Oomph: Print to digital translation

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