Posted By oomphhq on October 26th, 2015

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Creative Programmatic: The Need for Better Rich Media Ads

A piece by Oomph CEO Keith Ahern – featured in Publishing Executive, 23 October, 2015.


The Need for Better Rich Media Ads

Three distinct factors determine whether a digital ad is effective: where it’s placed, the design, and the call to action. Programmatic advertising is gaining a lot of excitement in the advertising space because it handles the first of those factors: placement.

Programmatic advertising places the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. You’ve seen it before. You’re visiting a website and notice the sidebar ads feature a product you were just looking at or a website you recently visited. It’s as if the Internet knows your thoughts, purchasing history, and interests. Although it can seem like a trade-off for consumers (i.e personal information, data), programmatic advertising is powerful and has been hailed as the future of the industry due to its ability to place ads directly in front of consumer most likely to purchase that brand or product.

Programmatic advertising increases the effectiveness of ads with more powerful targeting, but does it engage consumers?

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