Posted By oomphhq on October 25th, 2015

Top ten tech tools Oomph Adomatic

Top 10 Tech Tools for Your Small Business – featuring Oomph

Original article published on Inc. by Dave Kerpen. See full article.

There is a reason that small and medium-size businesses tend to be among the early adopters of new business technology. Unlike big, slow-moving corporations, SMBs can switch to new tech as soon as its benefits are apparent. The incentive to do so is also higher. Reducing overhead and maintaining focus on core business objectives are matters of survival for small businesses. Here are 10 technologies now helping SMBs market, scale, organize, hire, and operate overall:

6. Company: Oomph

Function: Print to digital ad conversion

One the most cost-effective tools in advertising, Oomph converts print ads into digital ones. There’s no need to hire an agency to create new ads (or to redesign an entire campaign). Oomph’s in-house designers create rich media ad content for smartphones, tablets, and desktops that is ready for publication. While Oomph is particularly well suited to budget-minded SMBs, it is also robust enough for bigger corporations. The company counts News Corporation, Audi, and Reader’s Digest among its clients.

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