Posted By oomphhq on June 4th, 2013

Help granny find that brownie recipe with Pre-filled Search

Give your users, students and grannies more power!

The search function which lets users search all terms or phrases within a publication has been a part of the Oomph platform since version 19. While you all have been getting your hands dirty with that feature we have been behind the scenes adding some more elbow grease and spit-shine revamping the tool to compound more features we hope you will love to use!


The Search function released in version 19 during sept 2012 enabled users to search all the text within PDF’s and section names. Tapping the search icon in the navigation activates the search bar and result field.


The power of search

Having the power to search a term or phrase means that the user no longer must remember where in a publication an article resides. Were you looking for recipe in a cookbook but couldn’t remember the name only that it had “molasses” in the ingredients? Maybe you wanted to show a friend a car magazine article about a car made in “1984″ but you forgot the section it was in? All these problems are made solvable with the search feature — Pre-filled search functionality brings this tool even closer to your users.

New functionality

We have added the ability to include search hotspots right inside your content. This is the cool part, you want to control the user journey right? Weaving and criss crossing your readers through throngs of content with confidence is no easy feat, this added functionality means that you can help your readers find what they need in your content faster. The power is in your hands! You can use a blank search hotspot which can encourage people to use the feature if the didn’t realise it was there or you can include a term or phrase in the hotspot so the results are shown right away.


Have a blank search hotspot in your content or have a search hotspot with a term or phrase already included.

For a detailed look into how this feature works, watch the short video below.

Posted by Jack McGrath, Designer at Oomph