Posted By oomphhq on March 22nd, 2013

Introducing Oomph Cloud Connector


Connect your back office information such as spreadsheets with your apps via the Oomph Cloud Connector. Update pricing, inventory, specifications and anything else by simply updating your spreadsheet.  

Advantages of Oomph Cloud Connector

  • No longer will your app and data be out of sync
  • No costly app updates
  • No slow content updates

Applications of Oomph Cloud Connector

  • Sales Decks – keep pricing up to date
  • Retails Apps – manage inventory, pricing and buy links from the cloud
  • KPI Dashboards – keep a realtime view of your companies Key Performance Indicators on your iPad

Oomph can now accept content from InDesign/Woodwing, CMS’s, databases and cloud documents. No other digital publishing solution offers this array of content formats all following Oomph simple smart publishing conventions.

The video below shows the availability and pricing of a group tour to Japan being updated in real time using a Oomph cloud connect app.  Combining an update with a push notification means your app users always have the most of to date information where ever they are.


Oomph Cloud Connector will be available from the Oomph Pro team beginning in April 2013. Find out more about cloud connector.

We wil keep you posted!

Team Oomph