Posted By oomphhq on February 6th, 2013

Oomph Editor Updates – Hotspot positioning, bug fixes and Marketplace updates


There’s an new update for Oomph Editor that’s just been released. It great news for those using it in their daily production workflow. It’s version 0.1.25 and these are changes associated with this version; 

– Updated to the new Marketplac
– Added the ability to download templates from the browser 
– Update Hotspot positioning to enable compatible with InDesign layouts
– Fixed a problem with hotspots on InDesign exported pdf’s 
– Fixed a crash on launch under certain circumstances 
– Minor UI tweaks and Bug fixes 

If you launch Oomph Editor you will be prompted to download the update. 

For more information on Oomph Editor and download links visit:

Oomph Editor is a desktop application for creating Oomph content & templates, allowing you to rapidly create & proof your content on your desktop or iPad. Oomph Editor allows you to build, preview and test whole projects, individual folders within projects & individual assets including. HTML, PDF, JPG, PNG, mov, mp4 and InDesign files.

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