Posted By oomphhq on February 21st, 2013

Oomph update: Twitter API changes and widgets


You may have heard that Twitter is officially switching off its v1 API this March. Unfortunately, our Twitter feed widget uses the v1 API that twitter is removing from service.  

Though these changes are beyond our control, we’ve been working hard to minimise the disruption these changes will have on Oomph content & our customers.

The not so good news: 

  • Changes to the Twitter API are beyond our control.  
  • Due to the way the new API works, there is no way to maintain backwards compatibility, in a way that works for all users (i.e. ones without Twitter accounts), conforms to Twitter’s API terms of service and brand guidelines, and works within their API rate limits.

The awesome news:

  • We have built a new Twitter timeline widget, using the officially support embedded timelines.
  • In typical Oomph style, this will be just as easy to use as the current widget.

We expect to release this new widget as part of our next release (Oomph 21) in the next couple of weeks.

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Catch up with you soon,

Team Oomph.