Posted By oomphhq on January 17th, 2014

Oomph visit the QUT Cube

The Cube was brought to the attention of Oomph by a 3 year old called Riley who talked about a legendary giant iPad deep in the rainforest – this we had to see…so today the Oomph Brisbane team went to visit to the home of The Cube at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Botanical Gardens campus, which is just a few hundred metres from the Brisbane office.

 The amazing Brisbane Flood wall, this was the most engaging part of The Cube.


The Cube is an interactive and learning environment based on huge touch screens, some two stories high.  Since Oomph powers everything from digital magazines, museum tablets to retail kiosk this was of great interest to us.  We wanted to see how it compared with the smaller screens we have been working on for years.  How does the user experience change from a 10 inch device to a 2 storey wall?  With a large wall multiple people can participate at once – what is a multi user experience?  QUT have several different experiences running on the walls, as shown in the photos below.

The whole experience was great, something we didn’t expect was that the texture of the touch screens meant that pinch zooming was both difficult and unpleasant to do.  Presumably this could be fixed by applying a similar oleophobic coating as found on Apples iPad and iPhone (coincidentally Apple opened its Brisbane store today).

Our newest engineering hire Ana checks out the Brisbane Flood interactive wall while hardcore engineer David looks behind the scenes to see what powers the wall (hint: Silicon Valley legends SGI are involved).


Here Val, John, David and Rob demonstrate why touch screens are not used as the primary way of driving a car.


 The main attraction is the virtual Coral Reef.  The bottom panels are interactive and the top panels are projected by the large Panasonic projectors on the right.


 Here Ana checks uses Google Maps to get down to street level, might be a good place to live…..



The Cube is open most days from 10-4 pm and is free.